Tory Misuse of Holocaust is Offensive

The carefully orchestrated Conservative Campaign of Confusion continued today as the Harper Tories repeatedly exploited and misused one of the world’s most baggage-laden words. The Tory Word of the Day on March 10, 2015 was “HOLOCAUST”. No fewer than two Tory ministers today grievously used this word in an attempt to increase public acceptance of Bill C-51, the […]

US Journalistic Sensationalism in Aftermath of #OttawaShooting

CNN, in their attempt to fill air time after the apparent terror attack in Ottawa (#OttawaShooting), began asking American pundits whether their Northern border with Canada was safe. Erin Burnnett accompanied that discussion with a graphic comparing their Northern border with their Southern border with Mexico which distorted the facts of the issue to make […]

October Crisis, 2014

This week’s sensational events have brought the new world order to our open, trusting, and peaceful society. Not since the October Crisis 44 years ago have Canadians felt so violated by direct attack from those who desire to be enemies of our democracy. We have people within our borders who for one reason or another have […]

Our Conservative Speaker and the Protection of Democracy

Andrew Scheer says he has to stick to past practice in executing his role as the allegedly un-biased Speaker of the House of Commons. It is not his role to police the quality of questions and answers, unless the House asks him to do so. And apparently, despite Thomas Mulcair’s numerous attempts to do so, […]

Harper’s Conservatives already have enough evidence

Harper’s Conservatives don’t need you telling them how incompetent or wasteful they are. They don’t need to know those things and they certainly don’t need anyone telling their faithful – dare I say, blind – voters either. They already know. They have enough evidence. Due in part to laws that Harper’s Conservatives passed as part […]

Stephen Harper is offering us the Blue Pill

Stephen Harper has created a magical world around him, not unlike that of the rabbit hole described in Alice in Wonderland or the Matrix in the Wachowski brothers’ Sci-Fi masterpiece. In Harper’s world, what you see is merely misdirection and subterfuge. What you hear are mostly baseless talking points that prove nothing. And what you […]

The Senate is drunk on partisanship

Unelected Conservative Senators have a surprising amount of electoral expertise. It must come from all those years of not getting elected. @JDanAiken @bruceanderson Elections Canada should not have a vested interest in recording a high voter turnout. That’s a conflict. — Senator Linda Frum (@LindaFrum) April 9, 2014 Every day these posers are proving the […]

Lukiwski doesn’t understand the meaning of transparency

Full disclosure: Tom Lukiwski is a four-letter word in my home. The fact this man continues to get elected in our home province embarrasses us deeply. He has a demonstrated ability, practiced really over decades, to offend people with thoughtless comments. Thankfully, we don’t live in his riding, so our shame is balanced by our […]

Is Omnibus legislation a Conservative Disease?

The following data visualization shows the total number of pages of legislation drafted to implement budgets tabled from 1994 to 2014. It also shows the average per year for the Liberal regime versus the Conservative regime. It illustrates the Conservatives’ significant tendency towards bloated budget implementation bills. I would like to take this to another […]